Sunday, 28 September 2014

Reasons to participate in phyical activity

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There are many reasons why you should participate in physical activity the first is that it improves your health. Health is the complete state of physical, mental and social well-being- not just the absence of sickness or infirmity. By exercising you improve your body’s posture and you also decrease your blood pressure and resting heart rate- these are physical aspects of health that can help you in life and increasing your life expectancy. It will also relieve stress and help you develop skills and become part of a team.
Another reason to take part in physical activity is that it is enjoyable, when you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins which make you feel good, in addition by exercising you could find yourself a new hobby to occupy yourself with- relieving boredom.  
Physical activity provides the body with a challenge, if you set yourself goals and targets you have to push yourself and commit to the cause in order to reach them. So taking part in exercise keeps you occupied, motivated and provides a sense of accomplishment if these targets are reached as you would have pushed yourself in order to reach them. 
 Moreover physical activity allows you to take part in competition with others, this keeps you active socially as you are mixing with others but also keeps you motivated and determined as you want to do your best in order to succeed. 
 A further reason is that you get to meet new people and make new friends.  By participating in physical activity, you can find/meet new people who share similar interests as you; this will improve communication skills as well as confidence.
The final reason to participate in physical activity is that you will develop aesthetic appreciation of others. So you will be able to understand your activity and give praise to those who are performing well and recognise the levels of skill and what is good.     
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Internet just been fixed

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My Internet has literally just been fixed this second so I will post a lengthy post as soon as I can. Thank you to all those who have subscribed an been viewing the posts all advise is taken on board, please comment and peace 


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Diary of my achievemets (catch up session)

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Diary day post:

Okay, I have not posted in a few days, because I have had internet problems over the last few days- not that I could not be bothered! I have kept exercising, I have been doing the 5 minute fat burner which has been working, however I have not been getting the definition that I want so I will try out other workouts to see what works best. Arms, I have to admit 50 push-ups, 25 centred push-ups and 50 triceps dips is not a lot (especially if you are trying to improve size). I will start to push my self harder in this area in a hope to start getting results faster. As for eating I have been letting myself down a little with, a diet too high in sugars this will has now ended and I will think more carefully on what I shall eat and when I shall eat (you should aim for every 3-4 hours). I am hoping to go gym tomorrow and I shall inform you on how I got on. Legs will be a big priority with me not having the time to jog anymore I would like to enhance that area of my fitness.

So that is my plans, another post to come soon, all the normal stuff- peace!


Friday, 19 September 2014

Back to Basics

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Just some basic information on key terms and technology.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease of infirmity.
What this means is that health concerns many things including some like mental and social wellbeing, which many would not have realised.

Physical is about the body; muscles, heart rate, sports etc.
Mental is about your mind-set; how you think and feel
Social is how you interact with others: being part of a team and making friends

Benefits of health and exercise


  • Improved health
  • Increased energy
  • Better posture
  • Perform daily tasks without tiring
  • Decreased risk of heart disease and strokes
  • Decreased Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure


  • Increased motivation
  • Improved confidence
  • Contributes to enjoyment of life 
  • Provides a mental challenge
  • Helps relieve stress and stress related problems
  • Helps you feel good


  • Make and develop new friends
  • Developed communication skills
  • Provides career opportunities
  • Developed organisation skills
  • Develops the ability to lead and work as a team 

This posted was inspired by a viewer who needed help with their PE exam, if you have any questions or ideas please contact me.

All the normal stuff, thanks for reading- peace!


Been so busy and so tired

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

I hate doing this, but once again I apologise. I have been so busy with football, karate and badminton (at least 2 things on everyday) this week I have not physically had the time to post. On top of that, there have several cases of tonsillitis and I have got the feeling I am coming down with it.
This last week I have been so flat from all the exercise and what not that I have hardly worked out at all and if  I have it was only a bit or so here and there. I know I have said this before; next week I should be back in the swing of things.

Posts coming soon, all the normally stuff-peace!


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,


So as you know, I have not been working out this week as I am still shattered from the weekend. However I have been eating fairly cleanly as well as exercising everyday, today I did karate and football. I am especially keen to focus my energy on my karate a bit more in the next few weeks/months as I have been fairly inconsistent over this past year and my status in the group has slipped a little. I shall be pushing for my next belt soon, so I would like to practise everyday if I can.

Karate is great if you want to stay flexible and increase agility and balance, which will not only help you remain mobile whilst your muscles are growing, but it will also improve your performance in almost every sport you do.

So, I am trying to ease my way back into exercising, I managed 50 push-ups this morning and I intend to end the day with my general abdominal workout. Tomorrow Things should get back to normal, but to be honest it depends on how well I am recovering.


Just some basic terminology in preparation to my new pages.

What is health?
Health is the complete state of physical, mental and social well-being; not just the absence of disease or infirmity. Okay, so what this means is that health is not just being well or lowering your resting heart rate (these are physical benefits), it is also about your mental (relieving stress, building confidence and self-esteem) and social (making new friends and being part of a team) state.

I will go on to explain these terms more in the posts to follow; please comment, follow, plus one, read again, eat clean and work hard- thanks for reading, peace!


Monday, 15 September 2014

sorry in need of another days rest

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I woke this morning and my body ached from head to toe, and after a full day of school and badminton training I am well and truly shattered. I am going to have to apologise for not exercising as I know I need to back into the swing of things, but I feel as if I need another days worth of recovery. This is in order to do everything that I need to do tomorrow and be able to push myself harder. Rather than doing a half arsed workout now and as my body will still be tired another half arsed one tomorrow.
If you are suffering from serious fatigue and feel that all your body needs is sleep, you are probably right it does and that is the best thing you can do for it in that situation.

Once again I apologise; I should be fine for tomorrow though, so do all the usual stuff and peace!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Kayaked a marathon

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

I am back at home now and dying to get to sleep! My arms are numb an my buttocks have gone beyond the point of painful. However it was good fun and a great laugh, well done to all those who participated or are trying something new. Get out there and give stuff a go! 

Posts will continue as normal from tomorrow. Please check out the blog again as well as commenting, plus oneing, subscribing, eating clean and training hard- peace! 


Friday, 12 September 2014

Quick Update: Where I Am At

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

This post is just going to be a general round up of information with bits of health details added as well- just to show that I am pulling my weight!
First month as a blogger:
First things first, I have to say a big thank you to all of you for reading and following the blog, over 500 views in the first month, I had no idea things would take off so quickly. I am so grateful to all those who have been plus oned my post and followed me this has really helped promote the blog, please continue to do so, really love the support.
Posting plans:
So as some of you will know, I am away this weekend; I am kayaking 26 miles in just under two days in order to raise money for charity. Therefore, I doubt I will be able to post much this weekend, however from then on after I will post more regularly, focusing more attention on my goals and progress. In addition to this, I will add more pages, topics include:
  1. Health
  2. Key words
  3. Diets
  4. Foods
  5. Workouts
  6. Exercises
  7. Topical knowledge
I will try to add a page at least once every other day.
Pictures and personal details:
Okay, I admit I promised these a long time ago but I am having technical problems with the pictures and I want to do a page on this all at the same time. I will do my best to upload these as soon as
General Abdominal workout update:
1 set (it is just a one set workout- no breaks):
  • 15 reps = Novice
  • 25 reps = Beginner
  • 35 reps = Intermediate
  • 50 reps = Professional
  • 75 reps = Body builder
same number of reps for each activity
  • Sit-ups
  • Side Sit-ups left
  • Side sit-ups right
  • Bicycle crunches (both legs to a rep)
  • Russian Twists (both sides to a rep)
  • Jackknife
  • leg raises (six inches from floor, endurance)
Jacknife times:
  • 20 secs = Novice
  • 30 secs = Beginner
  • 50 secs = Intermediate
  • 1 min = Professional
  • 2 mins = Body builder

 Thanks for reading please visit again; all the usual stuff; more posts coming soon- peace !


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Feeling Hungry? A few things to consider!

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

I am writing about what happens when you get hungry. So what actually happens? You loose fat? Burn calories? Loose muscle?

So lets imagine it is half past twelve, you have not eaten since your Weetabix at breakfast. You have been exercising at a fairly high intensity in little burst (playing basketball on the play ground), followed by working your brain back at the house (doing a crossword puzzle). You are feeling hungry as you have not eaten in a while but also as you have burnt all the calories from breakfast and your body is beginning to burn up its stored energy supplies-fat!

You need to be hungry to burn fat as you need to have used up all the energy from your last meal. This is why more and more intense forms of exercise can help you loose weight, as you are burning up the energy from you last meal quicker and you body is having to go in to its reserves (fat).

What a lot of people are afraid of (especially body builders and those trying to gain muscle) are that if they do not eat as soon as they feel hungry their bodies will go into a catabolic state and then they eat straight away. A catabolic state is where your body, instead of burning fat, breaks down muscle for energy, this is because muscle fibres are less dense than fat so it is easier to get hold of.
When muscles are broken down, it decreases the quality of the muscles performance, the selected area will be smaller and you will have taken a step back away from your goals.

How to avoid a catabolic state? 

Well, the answer is simple do not over eat, eat clean, make sure you are full after every meal (so plently of carbohydrates) and do not let your self go too hungry (5hours without food max)!

If you eat as soon as you feel hungry all that fat that you will have broken down will be put back on and there will have been no point in the exercise. To cut a long story short, you will gain weight or have to exercise so much that you will have no life and your body will still have a tone of fat.

Moral of this post: let yourself get hungry ( work hard to burn calories ) and do not either; eat as soon as you feel hungry but also do not let yourself go starving, as we need food for energy which we use for our workouts

Hope this helps, all the usual stuff, check out other posts/pages, I will post whenever I can- peace!


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sorry, quick post to show I still care

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness

Real quick post, sorry that I have not been posting guys. I have been so busy- just got back from wheel chair basketball and pretty tired. Hitting the fat burning workout for the core, make sure that no matter how busy you are, you make time for workouts! I promise a proper post by this time tomorrow. It's gonna be on something a little different I think....

All the normal stuff and peace!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Enjoying Fitness

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

I am posting today on why we should be enjoying sport and exercise. I am a firm believer that everyone has their own sport which they will find interesting and want to play, even if they have not found it yet.

People who think they do not like sport listen in! You have to enjoy exercising, it releases endorphins into your body, which make you feel good.  All you are doing is telling yourself you do not like it as you are too afraid to try it, as you fear you will not be good it.
This is either because you are:
  • Too self conscious ( you think people with laugh at you )
  • Over weight (you think you will not succeed because of your size)
  •  Too lazy (you cannot be bothered to stick at something or to commit)
Well, you cannot be good at everything first time, you need to understand that you have to stick with things and practise to get good at sport- just like any other thing in life! You need to preserver and not give up, in addition do not be scared of doing something outside your comfort-zone. It is okay to fail, as long as you learn, improve and keep going and that is what a commitment is (well in my eyes anyway)!

Okay, quick story:
I used to be absolutely shit at football, but to cut a long story short I kept at and practised as much as I could. As I knew exercising would do me good and all my fiends were in a similar situation but we still loved to play anyway. Well, now I am playing, for quite a lowly team admittedly, at county level.

The moral of the story; do things you like, there is no point in doing something if you do not enjoy it. However, in saying that, do not give up something before you have seen it out and remember that to get good always takes practise ( but there are ways to enhance performance check out other posts to see how). Do not be scared of what other people think, you exercise to help yourself not others!

You should enjoy what you do and encourage others to do the same, this forms a positive mind set and helps create a positive image of exercise. Keep this mentality!

Thanks for reading, I will try to post as often as I can, please check out the blog again soon; if you have any ideas/comments/questions feel free to contact me all your opinions are valid and are respected greatly; remember to plus one everything, share the blog with friends, follow, eat clean and work hard- peace!


Friday, 5 September 2014


Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

Today I am going to post about if you relapse and return to your old habits. This could be either going out on a binge, not eating properly or stopping exercising all together.
Well if you can stay strong and avoid these circumstances well done you, but it is more than likely that each of us will at some point fall short and break our commitments to fitness. If this happens and you can see it is happening and you want to do something about it; do it. If we can learn from our mistakes and where we lost our way and we do something about getting back on the right track, you have nothing to worry about- we are human: we make mistakes, it is just important that we learn from them.

I recently hit a new another low on Thursday: I ate really unhealthily (loads of energy drinks, which are full of sugar and other fatty foods), I also failed to exercise with any purpose. Consequently I hardly slept as I had done nothing all day, and because of this I also stumped my development as I had no recovery time for my muscles to grow. I woke up feeling terrible and I vowed I would not do it again.

I hope you all show stronger willpower than me and that if you do feel your self slipping, you start to push yourself back into the right direction. Learning and improving are the two most important things in achievement, as if we never go wrong we not learn and develop as much as we can do; capping our potential

Thanks for reading, please check out the blog again soon; if you have any ideas/comments/questions feel free to contact me all your opinions are valid and are respected greatly; remember to plus one everything, share the blog with friends, follow, eat clean and work hard- peace!


Guess Who's Back

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

Sorry guys had a couple of days out, new year at school and all that so you can probably understand my reasoning. I did manage to find time to exercise- not as often as a would have liked, but I want to let you guys know more about these new pages I intend to post on exercises. They are just an bit of information about some different exercises and what they do, be sure to check them out. I did have a bit of a relapse on Monday with my healthy eating, but I am back on track now- I promise to post later.

All the normal: thanks, comment, follow, +1, eat clean  and work hard


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Try to improve yourself (without loosing yourself)

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

No one is perfect! Something that people have always told one another, but can you imagine what it would be like to be perfect? Lets be honest who has not wanted to be the best at something or improve at something else. Well that is called desire and that is what your goal is based on. A goal is something that you want to reach or achieve, by committing and working hard. it should not have to be too over the top, but  be realistic to where you are at in your life and capable to reach with hard work. It is a good form of motivation to think about your goals whilst you are exercising and this will help increase your intensity and commitment, therefore also your results and how fast you get them -in the long-run!
It is also good to make changes to your lifestyle that do not have to effect your health directly, for example if you have a load of old clothes lying about cluttering up your house, you could donate them to charity. This not only helps out the charity but also creates a more positive feel about your house, and the more positive you feel the more you will be positive on your exercising and sporting commitments.
Another good change could be a change of friends. I know it sounds drastic just hear me out, if all your friends are smokers and drinkers that go to clubs every Friday, they are a negative influence on you. That alone puts you in a negative frame of mind or worse, convinces you to do the same as them, which breaks your commitment to health. Your friends need to support your lifestyle choice and should not put you under peer pressure to join in, if they do this and are unsupportive of something that means a lot to you, are they really your friend?
However, if your friends also share your commitments and hobbies you can discuss your progress, go to the gym together and find out what works for one another- sharing ideas- which is how we all learn and further our knowledge.

Thanks for reading, please check out the blog again soon; if you have any ideas/comments/questions feel free to contact me all your opinions are valid and are respected greatly; remember to plus one everything, share the blog with friends, follow, eat clean and work hard- peace!


Monday, 1 September 2014

Fat Burner, Ab Bumper

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

This is a workout that I created and have been trialling it once a week for about 5 weeks and I might start adding to that as I am finding it really effective and I am getting some great results. It is one that really focuses in on the core and burning that belly fat, in addition if you have a four pack and you are trying to get a six this is one that could really help.

So each exercise consists of 50 reps and we are doing 3 different ones so it is 150 reps to a set, try to do it without a break.
  1. Normal sit-ups
  2. Bicycle crunches (both legs count as 1 rep)
  3. Russian Twist (both sides to a rep)
Now depending on how fit you depends on the amount of sets you do, I personally do not have a break between sets but if you need one somewhere around 20 seconds seems good.

Novice = 1 set
Beginner = 3 sets
Intermediate = 5 sets
Expert = 7 sets
Body builder = 10+ sets

As I said this is a work-out to add definition to your abs and to loose weight by burning unwanted belly fat, it is not so good for strengthening your core as other workouts that I know, but is seems to do the trick fine for me. I might upload a video of my mate doing this workout to give you an idea on how it looks. I am currently up to 4 sets but I was pretty exhausted before hand so I reckon I can reach 5, I will keep you posted. 

Thanks for reading, please check out the blog again soon; if you have any ideas/comments/questions feel free to contact me all your opinions are valid and are respected greatly; remember to plus one everything, share the blog with friends, follow, eat clean and work hard- peace!



Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

This morning I am going to post about part of the "Fitness Holly Trinity." Okay so just to make sure everyone is clear on the trinity, it is:
  1. Eating clean and dieting towards your development (eating the right foods for your activities)
  2. Working-out / exercising
  3. Recovery (sleep)
So todays post will be based on the importance of sleep and why we need it, to achieve our goals.

Sleeping is pretty much your body's rush hour, it is where all your muscles grow and develop as well when your body releases hormones. But most importantly, in my eyes, it is when we recover , so we can push ourselves harder the next day.

If you do not recover properly and then try to exercise, your performance will be considerably less than what it would be if you had a good night sleep before hand and were pumped and ready to give it your all. We have all been there when you are very short of energy and tired, despite this you know you have to stay committed to your goals so you exercise anyway and you cannot reach your normal performance. Well yes it is great you are staying focused and committed, even though you are pretty lifeless and it happens to us all you need to make sure in this scenario that you give 100% intensity. For example lets say you are totally flat and only have 50% of your normal energy; when you workout you use all of that 50% in your exercise- that way you are not wasting your time and you will still get results.

How to avoid this, well it is pretty simple; make sure you get plenty of sleep. You should aim for the minimum of 8 hours every night, this is to make sure that your body stays alert and ready for the whole day! I am not a good sleeper, I struggle to drop off, but I know I need a lot of sleep so I do a few simple things before hand.

Ways to improve your sleeping:
  • Do not work-out in your bedroom. A bedroom should be for two thing sleep and sex, if you do too many things in there, your brain will forget to associate your bed with sleep and it will prepare you for working out (pumping you up ) rather than sleep (winding you down )
  • Do not work out directly before you go to sleep, as I said exercising gets your adrenalin going and body pumped, so exercise at least an hour before you go to bed
  • Remove all electricals (phone, pad, laptop etc.) from the room. Not only are they distractions they can as stimulate the brain, which keeps it alert.
  • Keep the room dark. Light is another distraction and your brain associates it with day time; the time you are most active
  • Stretch before you go to bed. Stretching helps relax the body and allows the muscles to go loose which also helps with recovery and movement. It helps avoid injuries, keeps the body flexible and relaxes the mind. I would recommend yoga or ti chi but if you do not do these don't worry stretching the old fashioned way works equally as well.

Thanks for reading, please check out the blog again soon; if you have any ideas/comments/questions feel free to contact me all your opinions are valid and are respected greatly; remember to plus one everything, share the blog with friends, follow, eat clean and work hard- peace!